Discretionary Disclaimer:

The characters, places, events depicted in this articulate creation are purely non-fictional which are solely based on non-fictional & fictional ideas & incidences. Any factual resemblance & relation, if intentionally or unintentionally found, to any of such characters, places, events, facts & figures, has to be purely coincidental. Also due care has been taken while conceptualizing this sensitive yet disturbing stuffs & adult subject matter dealt while critically dissecting the insect of deAth….

The pictorial representation, several content or otherwise depicted throughout the theme based for this articulate creation are for exemplary purpose & do not resemble any intentional connection to express support or instigate any ill fated acts.

This yet again other articulate creation is not mere act to compile some glossy words to dump into sentences & further dozen full of sentences into paragraphs to make a stereotype abstract article as usual; it is indeed an attempt of spreading the word for creating awareness or some ‘issued in public interest’ kindda stuff.

Persons with sensitive emotions are sincerely advised to scroll down in a glance & just at the eNd of the page, Think & Decide for yourself……Had you feared to cross-by that unread, unseen road, that flickering signal or you just conveniently & effortlessly skipped that ‘U-Turn’….Only to build a pool or bridge, to cross beyond that ‘DeaD eNd’….to that toll free expressway called ‘‘LiFe’’!!!….

Well, still perplexed about the title of this article?..

When u ‘goOgle’ that ‘single’ word for any damn reason, you have countless means & resources on how, when, where, why to ‘successfully’ do it……

which ‘Veeru’ attempted for basanti.…on that village tanki……..

which ‘Joy Lobo’ was a victim while pleading for some ‘sunshine’…….

‘Shonali Gujral’ succumbed in the glamorous world of ‘Fashion’……

‘Raju Rastogi’ unsuccessfully attempted to avoid the dilemma……..

‘Hitler’ engulfed to avoid getting captured by Soviet Military…….

‘Silk Smitha’ fed up with ‘Dirty Picture’…….…..

‘Rockstar Rahul Jaykar’ mixed up his personal & professional ‘LiFe’ only to become ‘aashiqui’………

This ‘yet again’ highlights the pressure, frustration & despair that come as a part and parcel of the glamour ‘LiFe’. What starts with starry-eyed glitz eNds up to hopelessness which several celebrities have succumbed to.

1.That ‘pricky’ ‘single word’ is ‘sUiCidE’……………………..…….

You accidently or purposely type ‘sUiCidE’ ………& before you get auto words for how to prevent or protect,………………you have countless search options of attempting, committing etc etc….

So tuck in your seat belts tight, adjust the rear mirror, check the headlights & indicators, tyres, fuel tank, engine….. Follow the traffic signal of ‘LiFe’……N ‘drive safely’ the ride to the never ‘eNding road’; only to take that ‘U-Turn’……So here it goes……..

Its indeed weird yet complex to design & plan one’s own coffin, funeral rites etc etc……but even beyond that, making appointments with god by fixing up date, time & place of eNding ‘LiFe’; isn’t jus digestible nor a food for thought or even a debatable topic for discussion or jus sip a coffee over……Neither brooding over, mere concern, nor burning toast from the burning issues…It isn’t just a mere tribute to ‘jiah’ or any sort of condolence or something; just coz, it’s just yet another attempt to explore that ‘DeaD eNd’ but taking a sharp ‘U-Turn’ as well….When the ‘king of loneliness’ gets the company of ‘spoiling brat’; to become a ‘spoilt brat’; while breathing puff of ‘LiFe’ & taking  a ‘U-Turn’ from that ‘DeaD eNd’….so the ‘starving foodie’ ought to survive & struggle in d world of sUiCidE….

This article literally got into my nerves & veins of the words; only to sprout blood all over & leave the stains of such injured, wounded & breath-choking, suffocating writing & scribbling in blood stains……When the tyre of your ‘LiFe’ gets punctured while over-speeding & there is no option of replacing that tyre, breaks are failed, or hell time for servicing; Ones who think to take that extreme step to eNd their tyre of ‘LiFe’; has the supreme right to wipe out the ‘LiFe’, just like the wiper to clean the front mirror view…

It’s neither tossing with ‘LiFe’ nor gambling with ‘deAth’……‘LiFe’ is that ‘race’……..a mere race of ‘LiFe’, which everyone strives hard to ‘win’ & jus supersede, without reaching that ‘finish line’…..

If ignorance is a bliss, than knowing anything n everything is more harmful; fortunately or unfortunately; one hardly has the option to filter & refine it for how to avoid & overcome those negative vibes….As a sign & symbol of cowardness; depression, guilt, human psychology, behavior is proving to be a like a shell life. Being suicidal isn’t a crime by any means or more abruptly offensive heinous crime…but simply brooding over suicidal thoughts is undoubtedly wasting ‘LiFe’……

Fear of succumbing to ‘deAth’ or fear of losing ‘LiFe’….entangling Spiritual, Emotional, Rituals & Practices, Personal, Professional, Private, Official Virtual, Public Bondings will lead to rash driving & resultantly the tyre is bound to burst out at any point of time…..

Going by the rhetorical context of the term ‘SUiCidE’ is “to kill oneself” & is the act of intentionally causing one’s own ‘deAth’. SUiCidE is often committed out of despair, the cause of which is frequently attributed to a mental disorder such as depression, schizophrenia, alcoholism, or drug abuse. Stress factors such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships often play a vital role.

Views on sUiCidE have been influenced by broad existential themes such as religion, honor & the meaning of ‘LiFe’. Some consider sUiCidE as an offense towards God due to the belief in the sanctity of ‘LiFe’. During the samurai era in Japan, seppuku was respected as a means of atonement for failure or as a form of protest.

Advocacy of sUiCidE has occurred in many cultures & subcultures. The Japanese Military during World War II encouraged and glorified kamikaze attacks, which were sUiCidE attacks by military aviators from the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages. Sati, a now outlawed Hindu Funeral practice, expected the widow to immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre, either willingly or under pressure from the family and society. SUiCidE & attempted sUiCidE, while previously criminally punishable, is no longer in most Western countries. The trigger of sUiCidE contagion or copycat sUiCidE is known as the Werther effect, named after the protagonist in Goethe’s ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’; who committed sUiCidE. This risk is greater in who may romanticize deAth…..

‘LiFe’ has some ‘left turns’, some ‘wrong turns’, some ‘right turns’……But there is just a single ‘U-Turn’ from that ‘DeaD eNd’………………Taking judgmental decision of spending countless hours to fast forward those matter of seconds which accelerated towards that ‘DeaD eNd’……..yet, It’s only a ‘matter of a second’ to overcome & change the ‘LiFe’…..Desire to Live, Breath & Bleed ‘LiFe’!!!..….

Still, there’s a long route to travel towards the eNd road of this article in upcoming episodes, I am very much damn sure; you can find; either there is a ‘U-Turn’ or there is a ‘DeaD eNd’…….till then, drooling on the tunes of ……..Jeena yaha marna yaha.……iske siva jaana kaha………


PS: Even if there is no reverse gear in ‘LiFe’, to ‘live’ or ‘relive’, but there is surely a ‘U-Turn’ from that ‘DeaD eNd’….

To be Continued…..

~Thank You~