The name of this post must be very familiar to you, and most of you must have read the poem of the same name too. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

It ends with the following lines

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Now, I don’t know if the question arises in MY mind only, but I have always wondered, puzzled about the fact, what would have if he took the other road. Yes, it was a choice, a choice that obviously changed his life. But what would have happened if he took the other road, that should also have affected his life, by some means as well. Maybe he might had led a normal life, but still there exists the impact. Yes it should had, and it must had. It might had, only if he had taken it.

Let us agree with the following fact, we face a number of choices daily. We have never marked, but yes we do. From wondering If we shall use ‘Bus’ or ‘Auto’ to go to the office/institution to having ‘tea’ or ‘coffee’ as beverage. From selecting a girl from a bunch whom you like, to the branch that one selects in engineering. Even while using internet, you always make a choice while clicking on the search results. Everything revolves around choice. In fact our life accelerates due to the choices we make, there are a hundred of options we get each minute, we select from them and progress ahead. But what would have happened if I had chose the other option? What difference would it might had made on my life, the current way?… Imagine yourself having a girlfriend (I don’t have one, so I guess you don’t :P) Let us assume you are the guy who proposed to her and her answer was ‘Yes’. Have you ever gave a thought what might have be the state of your life she had replied a ‘No’. Think about it. Embrace your guess.

We all think that life is just a straight line. Like a dead person’s heart’s reading on an ECG machine . But to be true, I think it’s more like the a zig-zag path. We ourselves select how the path shall be. Our choices aren’t always the answer to a question that seeks a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as answer, and moreover the questions doesn’t always want to yield a single choice as answer. We choose, hence we progress.

I have also heard this somewhere. That, in parallel worlds, we do the same, what we don’t do here. Also that, it’s one of the reasons why people get Deja Vu. They simply get a peek to the other side. The world where they had chose the other option. It’s the same place, with nearly everything same, with just slight unmarkable difference. Hence we feel that we have been to those places in past, even we never did.

The other choices, they ought to make a difference. Maybe not in this world, but another.

Road Not Taken