“Will you love me forever?” She asked gently, as her eyes gazed his with innumerable amount of hopes. Her head was resting on his lap. The most comfortable place for her in the whole world.

“Yes. Forever. Till the end of time. Till if ever the fire shall start raining down from the clouds, till the moon is bonded to the Earth, till the very moment I am alive. How can I not love you when my each breath utters your name?” He replied gently.

She smiled. During the last six years of relationship, he had always amazed her the way he spoke. That subtleness and the empathy in his words always made her smile. Together they had spent wonderful time, evaded infinite problems, saw the dreams of their future together. Two bodies, but a single soul. It was what they were. She didn’t ever need to speak what she needed, nor did he. They knew each other the best, and even more, their perpetual love. More than the morning that knew the sunlight, the night that knew the darkness and the dark clouds that knew the rain.

He grasped her hand, the warmth of her touch made waves of happiness run throughout his body. He had always loved her. And he still did. And he had promised himself to do the same always.

“Always”, he grieved silently in his thoughts.

“We still have a long way to go together, don’t worry.” Hiding pangs of sadness within his voice, he spoke silently. His face didn’t let him to fake the slightest of the smile, as his heart made drops of tears to well up in his eyes. This was something that was beyond his capability to endure. He grimaced, She sighed.

“We shall be always together. I know it. My heart says it. I can listen to the whole world whistling the tune of us together. The tree that we are sitting under is saying it right now. And so is the lake. So is the moon, and the infinite stars.” She tried to be cheerful and as optimistic as much as an ant in a place full people would be, as she pointed her fingers towards the lake beside them, then to the sky.

He had always found her fingers cute. The flashbacks of every moment they spent together holding each other’s hand began to play inside his head. Enamored by memories that he had only hoped to forget, and knowing that he shall never be able to. Never ever. He looked towards the lake. The reflection of the cold winter moon and calmness in the translucent water helped him to succumb himself to peace. As he turned his face sideways, he saw the gleaming lights.  The bokeh so reflected in the water by them seemed like a mirage. There was commotion on the large palatial guest house on the other side of the lake that was elegantly dressed with colorful lights. The guests were flowing in and out from it the way ants do from their homes.

She removed her head from his lap now. Smile was replaced by grief the very moment she saw him looking towards the other side of the lake. She kissed him. He didn’t kiss her back. Silence prevailed for the next three minutes, and with it, an abominable dullness. She stood up now. It was time.

“I have to go.” She spoke, as she shrugged her shoulders. There was no reply. She didn’t expect either.

“I have to go, I can’t be away for more than 30 minutes on the day of my marriage.” She cleared her throat and tried to talk again. He replied with silence.

“I can’t go against my parents. And you know why. I so much want to run away with you at this very second. To fulfill every dream that we have seen together, to complete our every hopes. To spend the whole of my life by your side, and that is what I wish for.” As each word came out of her mouth without a break, or a space. She gasped.

“Then come with me now.” He replied impulsively, looking into her serene eyes and extending his hand towards her. He was mawkish now. As calm as the zephyr that embraced him.

Her eyes were now an ocean of tears. As her kajal infested black tears kissed the cheeks, the time paused for a while for them. She turned back, away from his face and kept on walking towards the bridge to reach the other side for her marriage.