Discretionary Disclaimer:

The characters, places, events depicted in this articulate creation are purely non-fictional which are solely based on non-fictional & fictional ideas & incidences. Any factual resemblance & relation, if intentionally or unintentionally found, to any of such characters, places, events, facts & figures, has to be purely coincidental. Also due care has been taken while conceptualizing the sensitive yet controversial stuffs & adult subject matter dealt while critically dissecting the insect of ‘getting spoilt’.

The pictorial representation, several content or otherwise depicted throughout the theme based for this articulate creation are for exemplary purpose & do not resemble any intentional connection to express support or show the brighter side of the other side of ‘being spoilt’ nor any attempt of spreading the word for creating awareness or some ‘issued in public interest’ kindda stuff.

Well, still perplexed about the title of this article?..

This yet again other articulate creation is not mere act to compile some glossy words to dump into sentences & further dozen full of sentences into paragraphs to make a stereotype abstract article as usual; prima facie, just to give a gist, before directly mixing up the words; instead, it’s a mere attempt to dissect & castrate the offensive, impolite & odious words which tends to cross down the grammatical framework & catch the attention of being odd man out.

In the recent weeks time, flooded with the news while scrolling by the newspapers, news channels, social networking sites & micro blogging sites; & even crowded streets in the name of ‘protests & agitation’ expressing shock, outrage & anguish through stage demonstrations, black dots, screaming in unison & raising serious concern by sustaining relentless pressure of tear gases, water cannons, lathi charges, pelting stones; for amending petitions, laws & legislations, action & justice against heinous crimes for the ‘voice to be heard & sought for’.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to ‘brat’; they are conveniently ignored & tagged to be having gone out of hands, being futile & beyond any scope for improvement & rehabilitation. The underlying fact lies that, almost each one of us are willingly or unwillingly & intentionally or unintentionally either spoiling, getting spoilt or just aspiring to get spoilt at some or other point of time. It’s presumably a human nature & intrinsic factor, yet, the decision to maintain, bend or simply cross the limits (of the so-called socialized & civilized society) at different points of time, rests solely with the self, at all points of time.

Perceiving from the point of view of not some mature creature from Mars (Men) or even Venus (Women); but just to take a glance in the capacity of being an amateur from ‘Earth’ (a planet in the solar system having reached beyond an over & excess carrying capacity & resource utilization). So getting back on the GPS network to hover from different nooks of the world & sustaining the intensity of the sensitivity.


For some, it may have been just sensational news to sensitize & rejoice for a while, topic for gossips, discussions & debates, an issue to sip over with cuppa coffee (concluding the conversation as ‘Bigade hue baap k bigade hua bete’), or just for the sake to raise the flags, holding placards & light candles.





Give a break’……………………………………………………………..…Isn’t it something like  a daily soap which has been finely scripted & meticulously edited to add up spicy stuffs & twists of political turbulences, inflationary pressures, coal & gas allocations, spectrum allocations, scams & Swiss bank accounts, business & corporate lobbies, death sentences & their bail plea for terrorist activities, sequels & remakes of movies & albums, infertile & fragmented agricultural lands, inefficient policing, heat of burning money, outdated social norms, leagues & seasons of sports, political unwillingness, eradicating corruption, poverty, unemployment, power shortages  & such macro level hurdles, rising food & commodities’ prices, economic slowdown, threat from neighboring countries & diplomat willpower of super power & developed countries, infant mortality & such countless & endless list of problems & deadly vicious circle of tribulations. It’s just like the cassettes of episodes of Jessica’s brutal killings, aarushi’s murder, aruna shanbaug case, scam & fraud cases (CWG, Spectrum allocation etc etc), ‘bill against corruption’, which were in the spotlight for chewing the TRP factor for some couple of month’s time & such case files are either pending or simply wiped away in the light of other innumerous breathtaking news; & contritely innumerous & infinite cases & incidences which are not given heed of still do exists & prevail fearlessly.

With the very inception of a sperm into the process of forming a baby in to the womb; the struggle of that baby begins to adjust & adapt with the environment. With fumbling words & seeking attention of everyone, struggle to balance & walk over owns feet, later, to socialize & behave with utmost discipline & manners & running in the competition of being an ‘all-rounder’. As the process of cocoon progresses; the upbringing & nurturing (of values, ethics, morals, principles, cultures & even lot more stuffs) blends together & is hammered until the screws are tightened from time to time from peers, friends, colleagues, wards & guardian, relatives, family members & such endless creatures. Such baby is just exposed to let face the intricacies from the outside unsafe world of the vultures & sharks hovering to pounce on their dreamland.

Prioritizing the ‘need of the minute’ & keeping aside the ‘need of the hour’; is to introspect at least once & confront the cause & effect conflict. With the simple thumb rule, that an individual being a social animal; strives to socialize & form   a group, advancing to community, society, village, district, state, province, union territory, country, continent, world, planet, solar system & just beyond the universe. So, if the universe has to sprout from a particle of individual; then it is indeed a requisite of the minute to ‘introspect from within’ to know where to lead & how to lead the way.

The underlying fact of this articulate creation still dwindles & lies on the thin line of difference of perceiving the mindset of individual. The contaminated thoughts which leads to contaminated deeds; requires just a matter of self control & self realization to refine & filter out the stains of conspiracies & ill fated criminal activities. Undisputedly, self control & self realization aren’t just some sessions & chapters from the thesis of philosophy or mythology; nut a means to live & let others live. Yet, why it has to become so sensational; getting onto the nerves, unless & until it gets into an episode on that ‘idiot box’ or even some techno gadgets like tabs & notebooks. Overlooking the severity of physical & mental assaults, eve teasing mischief’s, honor killing, dowry blackmails, domestic violence & countless social stigmas (which are conveniently & blindly witnessed inside the shut doors, behind the curtains of the closed windows & hell lot hide out places & open public places). Ignoring the ‘cause’ will sooner or later instigate the ‘effect’; which may have its own self destructing & devastating exploitations. The helpless & gone cases of ‘brats’ are then forced on to follow the footsteps (on the tunes of ‘duniya ne humko diya kya, duniya ne humse liya kya…..) to fly in the smoky air, hooking, drug addiction, alcoholic beverages, dirty politics, snake bite, addictive porno stuff, hangovers, heavy puffs. They aren’t just spoiling their own lives, but gradually spoiling the lives of the ones who are connected & attached. Resultantly, the opinions, comments & approach are getting worse & pathetic (for & by) the opposite sexes & for the very extremes even about same sex creatures.

In the bottom line of this turbulences, weighing the best between two extremes is quite a simple effortless task; but then weighing the best out of two or more stuffs having similar characteristics (good, better or even best stuffs & in contrast, bad & worst) lies the real effort to scrap the second best opportunities & other alternatives. Spoiling the ‘cause’ will definitely spoil its ‘effect’ as well.

~Thank You~