This week’s release is something special, something intriguing, enough to keep your brain nimble as a goat. Why shouldn’t it be? After all , it’s a project of ‘NEERAJ PANDEY’ – the director of ‘A Wednesday’. Now excuse my ‘Tarantino Mania’ but I can’t resist to use this word i.e rambunctious. Yes , like ‘Django’ was in ‘Django Unchained’ so was ‘The Common Man’ in ‘Pandey’s’ first venture. But do we see that ‘RAMBUNCTIOUSNESS’ in ‘Special Chabbis’, let’s see.

Special Chabbis Poster


The story has been already known to us thanks to those idiots who made the trailer under tutelage of ‘Neeraj Pandey’ , why am I calling them idiots? The answer is quite simple, in the first half of the movie we see the descriptive trailer or one can bow down as token of respect to those producers and director for showing the first half in television for free. You are right the first half makes you feel going like the current G.D.P. of INDIA. But it is okay. I won’t spoil the story as you are already miserable but I can say you will enjoy the second half to the fullest. But to those cynics and hard critics ‘You can view the silhouette of almost everything coming’. When  the film takes it to this altar, I mean playing with the C.B.I. you can say that this flick is not one of the run-of-the-mill at least I say that .


Talking about performances “Anupam Kher” leads . Sorry to upset ‘Akkians’ but that’s my verdict. Isn’t this little strange. You see the January movie ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’. In that also the so-called lead actor ‘Imran Khan’ was dull compared to ‘Pankaj Kapoor’. So the question rises what about our star’s former performances which were stellar and spectacular hit among the critics? The screen time of ‘Kajal Agarwal’ is quite short and it is also quite boring. Sometimes you may feel that the couple is blathering. Maybe the director used it as a side dish in a quest to attract the masses, but frankly speaking that the love story was a square peg in the round hole. ‘Jimmy Shergill’ was perfect for his character. ‘Manoj Bajpayyee’ our beloved “Sardaar Khan” was as usual superb. Others were good.


Music in this film is a bit let down except the song ‘Mujhme Tu’, but it does play with the sanctity of the mood and hence deters with the pace . The music is not been provided in the demanding sections . Ofcourse eyebrows will be raised regarding the level of dexterity of the music director. It could have been used as a prophylactic measure in the first half even if it cost the ludicrous marriage cum ‘Bhangra’ song.


The last word “DON’T IGNORE IT BECAUSE IT IS SPECIAL”. And after seeing this movie, do let us know what is ‘SPECIAL CHABBIS’?

My rating – 3.5/5