All nights are not the same, all nights you don’t get the same cheery dreamy eyes or a blissful night sleep. Some nights you are just empty, drifting away into a sea of thoughts, lost in your memory searching for reasons of your existence and condemning yourself with all that you’ve got. We all have been there. Some of us are there tonight, some of us were yesterday and some will be there tomorrow. Whatever we feel in these nights is entirely not the truth but these nights help us realising various facets of our life.

In these nights as time passes by everything seems wrong in our lives. You dive into your mind and you find no “real” friends. You want to convince yourself that you are not alone. And in the process you end up texting all the important persons in your contact list. But this is not an ordinary night, is it? As not expected, no one replies. Even if a few do, no one even gets the basic hint of the pain you are in. Someone just blabbers away their day’s achievements while someone ends up giving you one word replies. So? After the futile attempt of establishing connection you get back to square one. No “real” Friends.

After this starts a series of flashbacks. You think about every rude thing anyone has said to you and with every hit your heart sinks a foot lower. You feel guilty, cheated and obviously all alone in this whole wide world. You think of the person that once said “Baby, I will never forget to tell you anything”, now doesn’t even care to tell she found her long lost love. The person who told “I am so addicted that I can’t live a minute without you” hasn’t spoken since the past three months. Someone who had said “Dude, You will be the first to see my girlfriend” has not yet informed even after their first anniversary. Friends have gone, people have changed. Family seems foreign, you don’t want to talk with anyone. Reason? “They won’t understand. They never do.” Without your realisation, your eyes get wet and remain so till you drift off to sleep.

These “Nights” teach us many things. They are basically the “Reality Checks” for our “Dreamy lives”. No one’s life is perfect. Yours is not too. People will change, situations will make them to. But life goes on, for basically two things: A few friends and Something that always remain constant, The Family. The ones that appear not understanding us remain right from the time we stand on our tiny little feet till the time we fall off them. And Yes Friends go, but a few of them stay. And our life is a hell lot better because of them. These “nights” make us feel “alone”, just to realise the importance of those few who stay…

Love your family,

And the friends who matter.

As they’re only ones who,

Will remember you after.