Procrastination is defined as -something that I shall tell you later on-, or, It is the act of replacing high priority actions with that of lower ones. (I was too lazy to write my own definition, so I copied it from Wikipedia.) It is a vicious cycle of guilt and wastage of time. You feel you are screwed, you feel like you are digging up holes for yourself on your own road of life, still you keep on doing it. You try to resist yourself from doing so, but you realize only once you have completed doing it up. And it is always too late, you cannot undo the whatever you did, nor that you can spend more time on repenting over it. It’s just ‘What is done is already done and I am totally screwed’. But you don’t care.

The story of Procrastination so far…

November 29, 2012: It’s been a long time since I have wrote something up here. I shall write today. *2 hours later* Tomorrow shall be good I guess.

December 1: Aah! A day late, well there is always time. Tomorrow.

December 3: I have my re-mid-semesters from today.  I shall write once my exams are complete.

December 13: So exams are finally over. :)  I shall write the post today.* Spends the whole day watching Fringe, White Collar, wasting time in Facebook and etc.* Tomorrow it is then..

December 20th: I should write it today. But, End semesters are on 22nd and I have a hell of a lot of course to finish off! *Spends the whole day watching TV shows and movies*

December 30th: So finally end semesters is over, I can write something using my free mind now! *Gets Drunk, Spends all the time on random stuff on Internet*. Tomorrow. Maybe.

December 31st (Morning): I shall write it once I reach back home, it shall be my last post for this year. A nice way to end the year.

December 31st (Evening): I shall write on night, just before the new year starts. :) *Spends watching stuff and reading novel.* The first post of year tomorrow.

January 1st: I am going to write it today definitely.  Hell yes. By any means. *Watches TV Shows, reads Novels, spends time in Quora, and a little bit in Facebook.*

January 11th:  Friend posts something here today. Inspired. I shall write today. *Sleeps Early.*

January 13th: I am going to write today. But on what topic? A vacant mind is all that I have. Oh wait. That term, let’s write on what I have activity I have been indulging myself in since the Past Month. Procrastination. That evil Bastard!

So Procrastination, can it be avoided? Can someone spend a life without procrastinating? Can someone utilize all of the time he has properly? Hell NO. I would like to steal down few sentences from another post by one another Procrastinating Creature.

“Nothing in this world is absolute, no machine is fully efficient, no gas is ideal, no human is non-flawed and no marriage is perfect. Hence the idea of a non-procrastinating creature is completely eliminated. “  I shall strengthen up my point by using a quote by  later at some point. Damn.

The main reason behind this damn thing called Procrastination, is that, we think we are genius, clever, brilliant, intelligent <–Insert more-shitty-objectives-here-coz-I-am-lazy–> creatures. Most of us think we are best when we are absolutely not. Everybody (Common) thinks that his ideas and thoughts are completely unique till he/she reaches 21, or simply falls down too many times to finally realize it. We spend most time on classes without writing notes, thinking that we can remember them. Most of us don’t study until the day before exam, thinking that we can cover the whole course in one day. But then again, we don’t. The laptop is in the verge of dying, same is for phone. It’s kind of yelling “A-Hole why don’t you put me in charge” in it’s language, but we don’t. We don’t even bother to change the random name of a random file in our computer. You like a link in the internet, but  you still don’t bookmark it. I might have written more, but then again, I won’t. We wonder of going to the moon, while we are only sitting in the toilet applying pressure in our stomach to let shit out. Yes, it’s life, it’s procrastination.

Bothering, that’s what Procrastination is completely not based at all. You think you are awesome, you dream of amazing things, innovative ideas, creative shit, but all that goes in vain. You have a spirit, but you still lack it. Motivation is just an imaginary word. A thing that you can never achieve, but you think you have plenty. ‘Thoughts’ are just a synonym for ‘Work’. There exists nothing such as priority. It never did, It never shall.

However, there are advantages of procrastinating too. Many of them are unimaginably creative, irrespective of the mere fact that they don’t use it. Maybe in future Somebody shall invent a mind control machine, and procrastinators are going to rule the world. Maybe.

It’s true that Procrastination is just like Masturbation, in the end you are Just Screwing Yourself only, but then again, You don’t care. You Procrastinate.You always remain high on Procrastination.

Post started on: 13th January 2013
Completed on (Or so I believe) : 22nd January 2013