Guess. The thing that you do when you are unable to find answer on a MCQ paper, the thing that you do on what the person at the other side of phone might be doing before you call him/her, the thing you do on a story line after you watch a trailer of a soon-to-be-released movie (Of course not the one’s starring Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan), the thing that you do on wrapped up birthday gifts, the things that Doctors keep on doing all the time, the thing that people ranging from that old guy, who sells Tea at the market, to the big Lawyers on the multi storeyed buildings in New York keep on doing always. It is also what you do when your Teacher asks you a question whose answer might be new to you. The thing that Sherlock Holmes does always correctly. It is what you do every day, at every moment. Consciously, Subconsciously and Unconsciously.

To start with, guessing is never a bad thing. Once I was asked by somebody that, why the hell I always keep on doing guesses. In fact I had never marked it till he pointed out. I guessed(again) because my mind did form a frame of what I was guessing on, within itself. It gave me variety of options as answers to a question. But the only difference this time was that, the less probable answers were also included. That’s the difference between guessing and thinking. When you think, you don’t look upon a broad amount of answers, you choose to believe on the ones whose probability is maximum. In short, you narrow down your choices by using something as a parameter. But while guessing, you keep all your answers intact. You don’t rule out them. Guess, with the addition of reasoning is what we call ‘Thinking’. That’s the best part of guessing. It doesn’t have a base. There are no boundaries, no limitations to the process of thinking.

Guess the state of today’s science, at what stage it might be, if the scientist’s had never guessed. Yep, it is indeed a great thing to do. To Guess. If there exists parameters for the process of developments, the advancements, the achievements, then guess, shall obviously be one of them. Every theory at first comes to the mind as guess, the thinking strikes itself as a guess, till it finds out valid reasons, strengthens itself with proofs, and ultimately declared as theory.Guess, is the raw material for the so-called yummy theories you enjoy in your books today. Imagine a refrigerator as a theory, steel will be the guess. Oh, and I guess, the analogous term of ‘guessing’ in mathematics is probability.

Let’s go to that awesome character made by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the character that had the power to observe and deduce information faster than every other human a.k.a Sherlock Holmes. However, if you have read the novels, you can still find instances where he does plain guesses. Well, Let us again consider doctors. A doctor doesn’t always have the correct explanation he can give to a patient, on why he is giving him the medicines he wrote on prescription. Sometimes he has to guess too. There shall surely occurring cases where the symptoms doesn’t fit into any disease. But our hypocrite life savers keep on doing guesses on us. And hopefully that works always, and rarely not. Even pharmacy guys always are bound to do guesses at what the doctor wrote on prescriptions. ;)

So to summon the whole post up, guessing is what that might make you different in the crowd. Guessing is what that makes you awesome. Sometimes it strikes in weirder ways. Newton never marked the fact that while he urinated, the liquid tended to fall downwards, but when the apple struck in his head, he did. Guessing is that giant chasm that joins the present and future. So keep on guessing. Keep on babbling whatever comes into your mind. Someday you might guess something, that might change the world. :)