Lie, a wrong information transmitted to someone intentionally. In fact it is an activity that we indulge ourselves in everyday, innumerable amount of times. Most of the times known, sometimes unknown. Lying, to be true, is the practical form of optimism, it’s the information that people intend to listen to as truth. Lie is just an extra information with the truth, that alters it completely and make it palatable to the normal humans. Well, let’s ignore all this philosophical shit, and get inside.

Let’s get to the fact who lies the most. Well arranging “The government, Woman, Your wife, Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Salesman, Facebook Freaks, Yourself, Your Practical Teachers, The World, Random Albert Einstein Quotes and, Nobody” in decreasing order, you shall find Nobody at the end of the answer, and “The World” at the beginning. Everybody in this goddamn world lies, some lie to make themselves famous, some lie to make others famous, some lie to make up for the mistakes they had made, some lie to make their Love unconditional and pure, and some simply to flirt. The whole society revolves around lies.
Even though the society claims that racism doesn’t exist (So does USA’s newly re-elected President Obama) Lies have been divided into black and white, and a ton others. (Refer  Wiki-Fuckin-True-Pedia ).

Let’s get a deeper view into the process of lying. To even lie properly, you have to be spectacularly awesome. You need superb coordination of your hands, eyes, mouth while at the same time your mind must be capable of overcoming reflexes. A single stutter, or eyelashes dropping too many times can expose a lie. Yes, a guy who lies perfectly is truly awesome.  And the guy who are uniquely talented at this job are called Con-Artists. Also known as Politicians.

The lie chain is something incredibly amazing indeed. It kind of resembles chain reaction from nuclear sciences too. A single lie simply gives rise to many others. You lie up once, to make others believe it’s true, you lie up about something again, and the same thing keeps on repeating itself. The loop continues up to infinity. It only ends when, either the other side gets bored of your ridiculous answers, or you just get caught.

Everybody lies. From the smiling unbearably hot models on random advertisements on television to the Pornstars faking orgasm. From the shopkeeper who gives you a huge unfathomable discount, to a girl who is suffering from stomach aches saying she ate weird stuff, instead ignoring the fact she had sex a month ago. From the random SEO blogs scattered all over on the internet saying they can help you to increase the number of visits on your blog to, the girl who just uploaded her Instagram’d Pic. From the random coaching institutes that guarantees you a rank having less digits in competitive exams to, the engineering college that guarantees 100% placement. From comforting yourself that the course you left won’t come in your exam to, the promise you made you won’t smoke from now on, although being a chain smoker. From infinity and beyond to your position. From future to this very present. Everybody Lies.

Lies move you into a delusion, delusion leads to truth, truth leads to closed eyes. Lies leads you to the  truth that makes you handicap, and socially awesome. And, believe me, it sucks. No, I am not some freaking Sanyasi, who speaks truth always. I am still the same guy whose parents know that he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, never visited a porn site and bla bla bla. But I instead have found an another way to avoid lies. In fact of telling lies, I prefer to skip it. Why shall you try to win a war, when you can evade it from the very beginning? (Or maybe coz I am too lazy to kick asses ;)

“It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.” – House MD.

Post inspired from : House MD