Many days have passed by without a proper post in TheWackyHeads. Our authors have become lazy (me, being the best one at that) or have lost interest in writing, we still haven’t figured that out yet! But the undeniable fact is that we all have become busy with our college lives (that’s the best excuse we could think of to give to each other and to our visitors). The main problem that we discovered lately is that we aren’t motivated well enough. We write a post, it gets some likes from Facebook junta and barely a comment or two. We are human beings, we have our expectations. We want our creation to progress, to step up and move ahead in the competition. This thing didn’t happen. Our Google PageRank was invalid for almost 6 months since we started TheWackyHeads, and Alexa rank was beyond 25 million. Still we worked our ass off on this project of ours. Some days passed by and our PageRank advanced to ZERO, and Alexa rank somewhat near to 18 million. This was a short boost for a tiny moment. Then days passed by but nothing improved. The ZERO and 18 million became constants in our life. That was the actual reason for our inactivity.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months. We kept on promising that we’ll write tomorrow. Procrastination was of God-Level. Then yesterday out of the blue I checked the PageRank of our blog, and voila!

We’ve added screenshots from three different sources just to convince ourselves that this isn’t a dream :D

Next up, I checked our Alexa ranking, and again…

And finally our stance in IndiBlogger…

That made a nice threesome for us here at TheWackyHeads :)

This is the moment we were all waiting for. We have been kicked hard on our backs after seeing these statistics. And no excuses shall prevail this time :)

This was the best new year gift that you all (our readers) could have offered!

Signing off with a note from the wackiest heads in this planet…

:D Keep rocking guys! YOU FUEL US. And we’re back on track.