Are you fade up with making beautiful posters saying ” like this page & blah blah blah ” in facebook! Then you are in the right place to know the craziest ways of page publicity freely.

The article ” 20 ways to Promote Your Facebook Page ” by Justin Wise is a best way to start with. But as your page progress, you need some unique ways to popularize your fan page. You should try the craziest ways to flatter people to like your page. Let us explore the craziest ways of promotion :

1. Take help from popular
Don’t you own real and popular friends/girls/celebrity in your Fb account. It is the right time to take help from them. Asking them for help may not be so effective idea. But posting your page link on his/her wall asking ” Do you want to become Admin ” can do wonder for you. It creates a high traffic to your page for few hours. Bumper idea !

2. The art of Tagging
To get attention of people, page owners, always tries to tag as many unknowns as possible. Does it increase no. of likes ? If it works then also you can get only a maximum of 50 likes/post. You have full freedom to use tag in different way. You can tag up to 50 highly liked pages/post. If any of the tagged page owner finds your page impressive , then his 1 comment/ 1 status can give you a high level traffic. Try it.

3. Like/Comment/Share
It is the modern trend of getting popularity. Usually admin ask questions which have 3 possible answer in form of like/comment/share. For example, you post a picture of Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez with caption ” Like for Justin Bieber, Comment for Selena Gomez or Share for both “. It is the common way to get enhanced popularity with audience interest. Lolz way.

4. Homepage Popularity
Are you a regular user of your friend’s internet ? If yes, then you can take a wonderful advantage from it. Just redirect the browser’s homepage to your Fb page URL. Try this with every possible system. It may be slow process but its the easiest way to get likes in your absence ! xD

5. Take Fb fan page outside Fb
Go back to your traditional style of popularity ( repeated comments, posting URL here and there ). Enhance it. Take your posters outside Fb. Comment it here and there in top ranked Google pages. In this way you will get help from Google itself. It can create a magical change in the no. of likes of your Fb page. Awesome idea !

6. Fb Games
Do you like to play Fb games ? It is obviously yes for those who plays it. When you start playing a Fb game always try to give your username as your Fb page name. In this way you attract the gamers around the world to visit your page.

* The Golden Way
No. of likes in a page = AB^C
Where A = ( no. of links outside Fb/ no. of links inside Fb )
B = Quality of post
C = Quantity of post

Likewise , you can promote your page in various creative ideas . Its better if you choose a particular style of promotion which should be unique. Doing the things in right way will give a magical effect. But the same can do havoc if you misutilise them.

Page promotion is an art of Facebook. The way you use it decides your popularity. Don’t be lazy to implement these ideas. All the best for your page promotion.