The more you look back in time, the more dumb you fill find yourself. Facebook status updates of last year, conversations of the year back and the flirty lines used in school now can be described in one single word : LAME! The cause for writing this post is not to make you aware of what you know but to prove a point. For those who have changed, its a reflection and for those who haven’t , a guarantee that you will. We have been careless in the past, too careless in fact, without a single drop of responsibility in us. But we do grow to be responsible children and eventually affectionate parents. That sense of responsibility comes at a certain point, which turns the entire course of life around. Everybody has a moment in their lives, where they have no one, no friends, no love but a single wall stands for support, the Family. Suddenly all the scolding from dad seems relevant and all the slaps of mom feel well deserved. That is the time when we really mature, we feel the the troubles taken by our parents and the pains endured by them. Studies become more serious and money starts saving itself rather than flowing out of the pockets. This ‘Change’ comes about in us as a lightning striking out of a calm moonlit night. Today you are enjoying, wasting your life around and BAM! Tomorrow you are a changed man. Suddenly you start believing in God, respecting your elders and treating even your enemies well. There is always an incident that change your life around. You are so screwed, so fucking screwed and you have lost all signs of hope of a rescue when a miracle happens and all your pains go away. Be it God or be it family in the form of God, it saves you. The point not being how the change comes, but how well you accept it. The faster you accept it, the better. We grow everyday, develop ourselves, differentiate better among rights and wrongs, then why do we do a few childish things? Let us be responsible, give importance to those who matter, learn from our wrongs, act on thinking not impulse, and life would be so much simpler. And everyone will know us to be : A Changed Person.